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Pronunciations of “Cloud” and “Clout”.主播:许路亚


A“cloud” is a mass of water vapor floating in the sky. “Clout” is influence orpower. Both start with “clou", but the difference is in the end sound.


In theword “cloud”, the “d” makes a “d” sound. Clou-d. Cloud.


In theword “clout", the “t” makes a “t” sound. Clou-t. Clout. 





  1. The     sunset made the clouds look red.

  2. There     was a big storm cloud hanging over the city.

  3. The     pillow was so soft that it felt like a cloud.

  4. There     was a cloud covering the sun, making everything look gloomy.

  5. It     stopped raining, and slowly, the clouds disappeared.



  1. The     lawyer had a lot of clout in the courtroom

  2. Celebrities     and famous people can use their clout to get what they want.

  3. After     he won the championship, he had a lot of clout.

  4. Everyone     called her a clout chaser because of her attitude.

  5. The     large protest had lots of clout and changed people's viewpoints.





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